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This position is responsible for managing the blood drives around campus working with student organizations and account managers with Buckeye Blood Club and Versiti. The position offers hands-on experience working with students and professionals to reach a common goal of the Buckeye Blood Club. 

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  • To assist the Donor Recruitment Representative and VP of Blood Services of Buckeye Blood Club with various activities relating to the blood drives at OSU

Key responsibilities

  • Be an active member of Buckeye Blood Club and attend 1 club meeting per month 

  • Interns can have up to 2 unexcused absences for intern meetings per semester 

  • Assist with prospecting for new blood drive locations and new sponsor groups 

  •  Build partnerships, conduct speaking engagements, and disseminate information to recruit blood donors for blood drives on The Ohio State University (OSU) campus 

  •  Work with Buckeye Blood Club staff, Versiti staff, volunteers, donors, and coordinators on blood drive-related activities including appointing sponsor groups, volunteers, and blood donors for assigned  blood drives

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