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During the month of November, Ohio State University and University of Michigan take their rivalry off the field to help save some lives. The two arrchrivals will be partnering up with their respective blood service organizations to see who can bring in more blood donations leading up to the rivalry game. To help out OHIO STATE, you can volunteer at a blood drive, sponsor a drive, or donate blood! If you would like to donate blood or help out click on the links below. This year, our goal is 1,500 donations. Remember to spread the word and GO BUCKS!!!


Help Save Some Lives!

Final Blood Battle 2022 Scoreboard
BB22 Final Score Insta Post.png

     We are so proud to announce that we are the winners of the 41st Blood Battle! We are so thankful for everyone who contributed including our sponsor groups, interns, general body ❌ e ❌ bers, and Versiti Center of Ohio

     With 1,630 donations, we saved al ❌ ost 5,000 lives! We are so proud of the hard work of every contribution, and we are ready to beat TTUN again in 2023!

Blood Battle History
Screenshot 2023-08-23 at 10.58.10 AM.png

Blood Battle 2022 Updates

We are so close to Xichigan with only one week left in Blood Battle! We are so excited for the upcoming opportunities including our drive at The Shoe! Check out the flyer below for the amazing incentives offered there! 

We are also so grateful for the support of our campus community and especially President Kristina Johnson! Hear from her why it is so important to donate this Blood Battle!

Digital Advertising Shoe Drive.png
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